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Let Watersavers Irrigation, Inc. help you design a “Water Smart” irrigation system. Installing one of these state-of-the-art irrigation systems is one of the most effective ways for people to save money, keep their landscapes healthy and beautiful, and best of all save our most precious resource – water. “Water Smart” technology and design starts with the installation of a “smart” irrigation controller. This controller can adjust to changing weather conditions with its satellite communication which in turn prevents overwatering that can lead to property damage, hazardous conditions, high water bills, and unhealthy plants.
Here a just a few other benefits a “Water Smart” irrigation system has to offer:
1. Controlled application of water through automated adjustment of individual sprinkler heads (i.e. detection of water loss and application of water specific to every plant or area)
2. Calculated and controlled water application
3. Regulated pressure at each sprinkler head ensures maximal, even distribution of water
4. Onsite adjustments can be made to compensate for shade, slope, sun exposure, etc.
5. Automated calculation and compensation for evapotranspiration loss
6. Assured reduction of plant loss during droughts
7. Compliance with new city ordinances for water conservation
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