Why Watersavers Irrigation?

If you’re curious why Watersavers should be your go-to irrigation supplier, the answer is obvious. As the largest landscape and irrigation wholesale supplier owned and operated exclusively in the Bay Area, we are uniquely suited to understand and serve your challenges and opportunities. At Watersavers, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and a range of industry-leading services to our customers. From smart controllers and landscape lighting, to drainage, turf, drip irrigation, fertilizer, and everything in between, our wide selection of irrigation products can provide a solution for any job.

We care about our community and want to invest in your success. We offer many services to help our customer save time, money, and water on their projects. When there are creative solutions to complex issues, we will work with you to solve them. We offer free 4-hour delivery with no minimum and can provide complimentary contractor trainings. We have a comprehensive quote center to help you bid jobs, and we can create on-site inventory storage solutions tailored to your needs. At Watersavers, we will equip you with the products, resources, and knowledge to help grow your business.

Watersavers Mission Statement

Our mission at Watersavers is to provide you with the products, resources, and knowledge needed to fulfill your landscape and irrigation projects.

At Watersavers, we offer many stellar services. Our objective with these services is to establish long lasting relationships through our exceptional performance.

We also hope to protect our world’s most precious resource: water.  To help meet this goal, we are proud to carry products that focus on saving water such as smart controllers and drip irrigation. Every effort makes an impact, including the irrigation products our customers choose to install. According to Save Our Water, “on average, Californians use 30-60% of their water outdoors.” Therefore, we hope to instill good water-saving habits in our customers.

Learn more about smart irrigation and our other water-saving products.