Smart Irrigation at Watersavers

Smart Irrigation Is Here to Help

Today we have lots of smart technology that helps us optimize our time and output while decreasing waste and cost. Smart irrigation systems offer the same benefits by optimizing just the right amount of water usage to irrigate your landscape. In less time and with just the right amount of water, smart irrigation systems help you save water and money. No more wasting a valuable resource, because your irrigation system didn’t turn off in a rainstorm.

How is this done?

Smart irrigation controllers can use soil moisture sensors, rain sensors, and weather data to best predict the necessary amount of water for your landscape. Our WeatherTRAK smart controllers use ET Weather data, which factors in four weather parameters: temperature, wind, solar radiation, and humidity. This has been proven to be the most accurate way to determine the water needs for your landscape. These smart controllers are also easy to install and quick to connect to the cloud to access valuable weather data. Other factors that determine the amount of water needed like soil type and plant type can also be programmed into these systems.

Awesome perks?

You will see huge savings on your water bill while at the same time, saving our world’s most precious natural resource. You will also spend less time watering your garden or worrying if your system isn’t optimizing its water output. Save money, water, and time when you choose to install a smart irrigation system.

Do you want to learn more?

We offer smart irrigation training sessions on an as-needed basis throughout the year. We’re lucky to have this smart technology in order to more responsibly use water and we want to empower you to use it as well. You can go to our Contractors Training page to learn more and sign up. If you are a landscape contractor, don’t forget to check out the other free classes we offer!

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