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Protect Your Landscape with Drainage

Purchasing surface or subsurface drainage from Watersavers Irrigation, Inc. can help you protect your landscapes from soil erosion and flooding. Drainage products help capture, filter, and redirect water to a safe area downstream from your residential or commercial property. When properly installed, a drainage system can help protect your buildings and homes from mold, wood rot, and foundation issues.

Whatever your application, we have products to fit your needs
  • French drains or dry wells are great subsurface options for protecting your home or building. Many of our contractors prefer the EZflow French Drain system and Flo-Well dry well by NDS.
  • Catch basins and grates collect surface water while preventing debris from getting into your system. These products come in various sizes and shapes (round and square). Grates also come in several different colors and materials to best fit your landscape.
  • Pop-up emitters divert water captured by your system into water safe areas away from the structure you are trying to protect. NDS pop-up emitters are closed when it’s not raining, so debris can’t get into your drain pipes. With these pop-up drainage emitters it is easy to keep dirt, leaves, and small branches out of your system. 
  • Fittings help control the flow of water between pipes. They come in different materials and sizes. 
  • Pipes help to bring the water from one area to another. They also come in many different sizes.

Drainage eliminates excess water from walkways, decks, flat surfaces, and garden areas making your landscape projects safer and more enjoyable. It’s important to protect your home from damage by using the right products. We carry stock from two main manufacturers: NDS and ADS.

You can purchase drainage products by visiting any one of our California locations or shopping on our online store. If you want to learn more about other products that we carry, visit our Products page and click on another product category.

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