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Light Up Your Garden with Landscape Lighting

Watersavers Irrigation, Inc. sells a wide selection of professional-grade landscape lighting that will enhance any project. Beautifully highlight trees, ponds, and pathways with our selection of outdoor lights. Landscape lighting gives excellent illumination at night which provides added security and safety. These benefits will increase property value, which in turn helps increase profit margins while transforming all of your landscapes into stunning garden showcases.

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Featuring Landscape Lighting from Top Vendors

We are proud to carry lights from the top vendors in the industry. These vendors include Alliance Outdoor Lighting, FX Luminaire, and Unique Lighting. Take a look at our line card to see our full list of outdoor lighting vendors. 

When choosing which outdoor lights to install, you should first think about your goals. When security and safety are important, tackle those goals first. Plan to illuminate paths and entrances. Flood lights are popular for this because they can easily brighten up large spaces. You can also angle a flood light up from the ground and create a dramatic wall-wash effect. And even if they are being used for security purposes, they should still look appealing outside of your home.


Lights can be used for security or aesthetic purposes

With aesthetics in mind, it is easy to have fun and be creative. For instance, you can designate areas for sitting or illuminate water features at night. In addition, you can use modern path lights to connect different areas of your landscape together to enjoy more of your outdoor space. The possibilities are endless.

You can purchase outdoor lighting by shopping on our online store or by visiting any one of our Bay Area locations. Our store managers will be happy to walk you through the different types of light fixtures and explain what is best for your project. You can also learn some landscape lighting tips and ideas from our blog.

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