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Quality Landscape Supplies at Watersavers

Watersavers Irrigation, Inc. is your “one-stop” shop for all your irrigation and landscape supplies. With our guaranteed inventory availability, you can count on us to have what you need, when you need it. We stock a wide variety of landscape supplies and tools along with all the irrigation products necessary to complete any type of landscape project. Whether you need a shovel to dig a trench, a bag of fertilizer to feed your lawn, or a roll of landscape fabric to control your weeds, Watersavers Irrigation is the place to shop.

Range of Landscape Supplies Available

There are a variety of landscaping supplies that you can purchase to create and maintain an aesthetically pleasing garden. For example, we have plastic and metal bender board to edge your lawn or pathways. You can easily define different areas of your garden with bender board to create interest and flow. Simply use stakes to create curves and soften your landscape aesthetic. 

We also have sturdy landscape supplies to help clean your job site. Ask about the CatchyCan for cleaning up debris, leaves, or lawn clippings. It combines a trash can and a dustpan, with a flat front end to easily scoop up debris. It is a game changer for maintenance crews. We also carry flexible rakes, pruning shears, shovels, and measurement tools. 

When it comes to erosion control, we also have all the essential products you will need. Our warehouses are stocked with cocoa mats, jute netting, wattles, and silt fences. At Watersavers, we want to help you keep your soil stable and on your site. 

Stop by one of our San Francisco Bay Area locations today and let us impress you with our expansive inventory and competitive pricing on all of our landscape supplies.