Mobile and Storage Stocking Rooms with Watersavers

Are you ready to make the most of your valuable time and labor? Watersavers Irrigation offers mobile and storage stocking rooms designed to make projects easier and faster. Enhance your existing storage with a Storage Stocking Room or create storage space on your job site with a Mobile Stocking Room. You will save time and money by eliminating trips to the store with our on-site storage solutions. Your employees can therefore be more focused on the job at hand. In addition, you will no longer run out of products halfway through the day, because your stock will be regularly replenished by the Watersavers team. You can request a schedule for supply restocking. 

See if you qualify and choose from enhancing or creating your storage space today!


Watersavers storage stocking room
Storage Stocking Room

If you have an existing storage room on site, we will add new shelves and bins so you can enjoy an organized display of irrigation and landscape products. You can also decide on the frequency of product refills. This is great for maintenance companies.

To qualify, there is no charge with a 2-year commitment to stocking by Watersavers only. We have special terms for your initial order, but there is no annual minimum order required.

Please call us for details: 415-256-1711 ext. 201.

Mobile Stocking Room

If you are looking to add storage to your current job site, we have 8.5′ by 14′ mobile storage trailers. These come with an organized product display for quick access to supplies. You can easily store your equipment inside of our trailer and lock it so everything is secure.

To qualify, there is no charge if you meet the following conditions:

  • Associated job sites have a minimum of $50,000 gross sales to Watersavers Irrigation over the course of a year. We determine this by looking at your previous purchase history with Watersavers. If you are a new customer and don’t have a history with us, you can place an initial $10,000 order up front with the delivery of the trailer.
  • All irrigation products on the job site must be purchased from Watersavers only.
  • You can use the trailer for the duration of your job.
Questions on mobile and storage stocking rooms?

Call us at 415-256-1711 ext. 201 or email us anytime. Also, don’t forget to check out the other stellar services we offer at Watersavers.