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Watersavers Irrigation sells the highest quality fertilizer from BEST by Simplot and Yara. Fertilizers play a crucial role in nurturing your lawn to its full potential and we have the right fertilizer products to meet your needs.

When to Fertilize

The key to gaining all the advantages that come with fertilizing is knowing when to apply the fertilizer. A good rule of thumb is to fertilize at least twice a year and the best time to do so is when growth is occurring. Routinely feeding your grass during spring and fall is good practice to ensure a healthy foundation. If you are only able to use fertilizers once a year, pick the fall time. Nutrients can be stored in the soil during the winter season.

While it doesn’t matter what time of day you choose to fertilize, the ground temperature should be at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Early mornings are a good option because you have the benefit of the morning dew. It will make the soil soak up the nutrients better. Fertilizing during high heat could potentially damage your lawn, so it’s best to wait for the right weather conditions.

Another important thing to note is to avoid fertilizing after a rainstorm as this can cause runoff. You will essentially waste your fertilizer if you apply it too soon after a storm. Wait a couple of days for the soil to dry out a bit and then spread the fertilizer.

How to Fertilize Your Lawn

You will need to prepare your lawn by watering it a few days prior. If the ground is too dry, it won’t soak up the fertilizer adequately. The best way to evenly apply the fertilizer is to use a spreader. There are various kinds of spreaders available. Push-along spreaders are perfect for large square or rectangular lawns. For smaller or uniquely shaped lawns, hand-held or shoulder spreaders would be ideal.  

Start off by focusing on the perimeter of your lawn, so you don’t miss any corners. Once you have successfully covered the edges, you can then fill in the middle section. Store any remaining fertilizer in a cool and dry place. Water your lawn after fertilizing to encourage better absorption.

Benefits of Fertilizing Your Lawn

Fertilizing is an easy way to improve your lawn. It has multiple benefits and continued use will only add to the gains making it a worthy investment. Consistent fertilizing improves the quality of your soil and thus promotes growth for years. The fertilized soil will grow thick grass and be less susceptible to soil runoff. 

Feeding your lawn allows it to have strong roots and be better equipped to fight off weeds and fungus. Additionally, it will be less prone to diseases as it’ll have the required nutrients to survive. The fertilized lawn will have a higher tolerance to survive drought and heat. It will also be more resistant to the damage caused by pests. Ultimately, regular fertilization gives way to having a lush and healthy lawn that improves the aesthetic and value of your home.

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