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Are You Thinking About Erosion Control?

November 4, 2019

With new development and construction happening all around the Bay Area, it’s important to think about erosion control. At Watersavers, we are here to help.

Erosion Control Products at Watersavers

Keeping soil on your job site is your main concern when implementing erosion control measures. A good first line of defense would be to purchase our biodegradable cocoa mats or jute netting. These products will help keep the soil stable. 

Jute Netting on Sale This Month

All month long, you can purchase jute netting for an even lower price. While plants can help fight against soil erosion, it takes time for them to grow and take hold. With steep slopes up to 50 percent, jute netting is especially helpful. This biodegradable fiber is made from plants, so it retains moisture and fertilizes the surface soil. In addition, this soil stabilizing product encourages the growth of new vegetation. Each roll of jute netting is 4 feet wide and 225 feet long.

Tips for Using Jute Netting

  • Start at the top and roll down your slope when installing jute netting
  • Overlap rolls when installing them
  • Use square top staples to secure jute netting. We recommend using our 6 inch, 11 gauge steel staples. Aim for about 250 landscape staples with each role. We also sell six inch round-top staples that can work too.

More Erosion Control Products: Wattles and Silt Fences

In addition, wattles and silt fences can help keep the soil on your site, especially when there are steeper slopes. Our straw wattles are also biodegradable and are a great short term protection (one to two years) against erosion. Wattles are especially good at reducing water flow down a slope.  

Lastly, thinking about managing stormwater and runoff is important. Finding multiple locations for drainage will help limit soil erosion. 

Shop at any Watersavers location for the erosion control and drainage products you need on your job site.