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Helpful Landscaping Tips for Fall

November 1, 2021

Fall leaves and cooling temperatures are here. It’s a beautiful time to be outside and there is a lot of yard maintenance to be done. Here are some landscaping tips for fall you should be thinking about during this season.

Overseeding and Fertilizing Turf

The soil has now reached the perfect temperature to overseed your client’s lawn for healthy turf in the coming months and seasons. In addition, if you feed turf enough nutrition in the fall, the turf will likely hold its color until spring. A great fall fertilizer is BEST Nitra King, made with iron for a rich, deep green color. You’ll also find it on sale all month long at our branches.

Drainage and Erosion Control Time

The fall is also a great time to think about managing stormwater and runoff from future winter rain. Making sure your client’s properties have good drainage systems in place will help limit soil erosion. We carry a range of erosion control products from wattles to reduce water flow down a slope, to jute netting to help stabilize the soil. It’s best to think about drainage and erosion now before more rain comes.

Landscaping Lighting Installation – Add On Service Opportunity

With the days getting shorter and the outdoor foliage turning beautiful colors, we now have even more time to enjoy our yards with landscape lighting. Installing landscape lighting at your client’s properties can help bring warmth, safety, and comfort to their gardens. Better yet, we’ve extended our Alliance Outdoor Lighting Promo one more month! The rules are still the same, but you have another month to add to your total purchase of 50 Bluetooth lights to win Bluetooth AirPods. We hope you’re listening to some great tunes while completing these landscaping projects this fall.

Winter Hours Are Here

We’ve officially switched to our winter hours! Starting November 1st, our branches are opening a little later and closing a little earlier. Click on your favorite branch on our locations page for updated hours.