Now’s a Great Time for Installing a Drainage System

When you are working on a job site, don’t forget about installing a drainage system. Watersavers Irrigation carries a wide range of high performance drainage products for residential and commercial spaces. You can find our irrigation and landscape supply stores all across the SF Bay Area.

Install a Drainage System Before the Rain Starts

At Watersavers, we sell everything you need from capturing, to conveying, to retaining stormwater for a variety of applications. We have NDS catch basins to collect stormwater, channel grates to filter debris from entering your system, and ADS pipes to move the water downstream.

Protect Your Property with Catch Basins 

Catch basins are a great product to purchase from Watersavers when you want to drain your landscape and protect your property from flooding. They simply catch and collect water to get rid of potential puddles and flooding. With a grate on top, they help catch debris and prevent pipes from clogging up. They’re often placed at the bottom of downspouts, near planter areas, and other low points on a property. Catch basins are available in different sizes and materials (plastic or metal). There are even some decorative options. 

Purchase Durable Pipes for Your Drainage System

We carry many pipes available for a range of applications. Single wall, perforated pipes are great for drainage. ADS single wall, perforated pipe with sock is lightweight, flexible, and useful for keeping sand or other debris out. It’s also easy to install and economical. These drainage pipes are great for homes, parks, and golf courses. 

If you have any questions about choosing the best drainage products, talk to any of our store managers. They are armed with product knowledge and are ready to assist you. We would be happy to help you with your next project. Stop by a Watersavers branch or give us a call.