Fall Fertilizing: Hold Green Color Through the Winter

When it comes to maintaining healthy turf, fall fertilizing is the most important lawn feeding of the year. The summer heat has caused stress, your lawn needs to recover, and the turf needs to survive the upcoming winter season.

Since grass grows slower in the winter, it is more difficult to turn yellow turf into green turf. We also know that if you feed your turf enough nutrition in the fall, the turf will likely hold its green color until spring. Research has shown additional benefits from fall fertilization: enhanced spring green-up, reduced depletion of carbohydrates compared to spring applications, and increased rooting.

Great Fall Fertilizer: BEST Nitra King

A great fall fertilizer is BEST Nitra King. A single bag of Nitra King 21-2-4 covers about 10,500 square feet. It is formulated with FUSN technology and 2% iron for a rich, deep green color. This iron is non-staining, which virtually eliminates the staining of sidewalks. For more product specs, check out this BEST Nitra King datasheet.

BEST Nitra King will keep your turf green through the winter and give it a boost in the spring. We also carry a whole range of BEST products to help you with your specific fertilizing needs throughout each season.

So don’t forget to stop by your local Watersavers Irrigation branch for your fall fertilizing needs. You can also call or email us with questions. We look forward to helping you achieve beautiful, deep green-colored turf this fall and winter season.