Landscape Lighting Ideas for a Show-Stopping Experience

Many homeowners are enjoying their outdoor living spaces in a variety of ways. They are designing areas that are relaxing, safe, and perfect for entertainment. Along with creating a peaceful and rejuvenating setting, outdoor lighting allows homeowners to make the most of their garden. It adds an element of safety and security as well as increases the value of their home. Here are some landscape lighting ideas that your clients will love.

Showcase the Most Beautiful Trees From Your Viewing Angle 

Illuminating trees can be a wonderful way to add drama and definition to your landscape. You can create focal points throughout your landscape by choosing the most beautiful trees to feature. Highlight them using up lights and focus on the trunk and branches, not the leaves. One or several lights can be used depending on the size of the tree and where you will be viewing the tree from in the yard. Color lighting is fun to incorporate here, too.

Light Up Your Stairways With a Variety of Fixtures 

Good illumination of steps in the garden is needed for safety and aesthetics. A combination of step lights on the riser, path lights and downlights along the edge as well as additional lighting will light up your garden steps and pathways. No need to stick to just step lights. Take advantage of the residual light from other light fixtures near your steps.

Illuminate Water Features With Underwater Lights 

Illuminating a fountain, pond, or waterfall on your client’s property is sure to make it feel extra special at night. FX’s LP underwater light recently began to offer a new vertical wire lead option, so installation is even easier. The vertical lead option makes it easier to place the fixture directly into a wall, at the bottom of a golf cup, or in a 2″ PVC schedule 40 conduit. You can now be even more creative with your designs without having to worry as much about installation. 

Summer Spark Giveaway With FX Luminaire 

This summer, we are doing an awesome giveaway and raffle with FX. Visit one of our Bay Area branches for all the details and more landscape lighting ideas for your clients. We also have more outdoor lighting tips in previous blog posts.