How To Scale Your Business in 2021

While we’ve managed to navigate many of the obstacles and difficult moments of 2020, how do we tackle 2021?

Planning can be tough in a normal year, let alone when you’re adapting to the challenges of a global pandemic. It’s still important to take time to think about what are your company’s future goals, this year and in the next few years. Do you need more trucks, more employees, more leads? Marketing your company is as important as ever. By investing in your marketing, you will stand out from the competition.

This month, we’d like to give you some marketing tips to help grow this year and beyond.

First off, it’s important to think about what makes you stand out from the competition. What can you offer that the competition can’t? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Once you have identified those things, it’s easier to market your company.

1. Hire someone to help with marketing, whether in-house or outsourced

While it’s important to define how your company is represented, you can’t always do it yourself. Websites such as Upwork.com can help you easily hire marketing strategists to help with a variety of tasks on a contract basis. Need assistance with your website or social media strategy? You can easily hire someone to help!

2. Update your website

It’s important to have an updated website for potential customers. It’s also easier than ever to create your own. Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress are all great platforms to use. With hundreds of beautiful templates available, you don’t have to be an engineer to make or maintain one.

3. Get started on social media and online communities

Having a social media presence is important to attract customers. Are you on Yelp, Houzz, Facebook, or Instagram? It’s best to pick one or two that you can actively manage than spread yourself too thin with all of them. We’ve seen more and more contractors join Instagram during the pandemic. Follow us @watersaversirrigation.

4. Create a budget for quality photos (and videos)

Our cell phones can take beautiful photos, but hiring a professional once in a while will help your company stand out. Evening photography can be tricky as well, so hire someone to capture those beautiful landscape lighting shots to show customers what you can really do to bring gardens alive after dark.

Lastly, always think about what’s important to your customers and what you can offer them. Are you up to date on the latest technology upgrades? Can you offer add-ons such as landscape lighting or turf to help them enjoy their space for longer? This will also help your bottom line.

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