Color Changing Outdoor Lighting Ideas

One outdoor lighting trend that is here to stay is color changing lights. You can get creative and celebrate the holidays through color with the press of a few buttons on your smartphone. Outdoor lighting installation is a great add-on service to offer your clients, so here are some outdoor lighting ideas with color changing lights.

Sports Fans Will Enjoy This

We all know the benefits of outdoor lighting and how it can transform a property. For example, clients can use flood lights and a wall washing technique to “wash” an entire wall with the colors of their favorite sports team for a big game.

Set the Mood

Use up lights to highlight sculptures or architectural elements of the home with a striking red hue or highlight trees with a vibrant turquoise. Playing around with color can add drama and set the mood for a garden at night. Color changing lights are also perfect for a themed outdoor party.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Upcoming Holidays 

Halloween is coming up and placing a fixture between a tree or shrub and a nearby structure creates a dramatic silhouette. Illuminating a tree in orange will create a black silhouette on the nearby wall, so your garden will be ready for Halloween.

Outdoor lighting installation is an easy way to add value to a customer’s property and installing color changing lights can liven up any occasion.

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