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It’s all About Smart Irrigation Systems This July

July 1, 2021

Smart Irrigation Month is here! This means it is a great time to promote smart irrigation controllers to your clients. With the current drought in California, water management techniques are more important than ever. Luckily, saving water in a smart way is easier than you think.

We all know that irrigation systems need maintenance to keep them working efficiently every year. Aging equipment can cause leaks leading to a significant amount of wasted water. While smart technology isn’t a complete replacement for a visual inspection and maintenance of a landscape, it is an excellent complement to help save water, time, and money.

Upgrading Irrigation Systems – Water Saving Products for Residential Properties

With smart irrigation controllers, clients will be alerted of these leaks – from broken pipes or faulty valve wires – before costly damage happens. Many of these systems come with the ability to monitor your smart controller from your phone or computer, so your clients know what’s happening or you can monitor it for them from a distance.

Hunter’s Hydrawise is a popular Wi-Fi-based system with an intuitive app and helpful reporting functions. You can easily troubleshoot an issue and quickly solve problems with Hydrawise. It even integrates with Alexa! Does your client have an existing controller that isn’t Wi-Fi enabled, like the X2? Simply add the WAND to make the controller Wi-Fi capable. Both the X2 controller and WAND are on sale this month. Hydrawise will then automatically adjust watering based on internet-sourced local weather data leading to significant water savings.

Smart Irrigation Controllers for Commercial Sites

A popular smart controller for light commercial users (6 to 36 stations) is the WeatherTRAK LC+. Get all the benefits of a WeatherTRAK controller with the LC+: cloud-based central management with the latest ET weather data at an affordable cost. ET weather data factors in temperature, wind, solar radiation, and humidity to determine the water needs of your landscape. It is easy to use and install and is ideal for residential properties, community common areas, or city parks.

Take the guesswork out of watering landscapes with smart controllers this July. Visit any of our branches or contact us to learn more.