How Smart Is Your Irrigation Controller?

July 1, 2020

Are you looking to upgrade your irrigation controller to the next level? Smart technology allows you to optimize water usage, which will save you both water and money.

Make Your Irrigation Controller WiFi Capable

A great residential irrigation controller is the X2 from Hunter. It offers up to 14 stations, a plastic outdoor enclosure, as well as a 2-year warranty. Better yet, it is Hydrawise software compatible with the addition of the WAND.

If you want to keep the familiar dial-based programming and upgrade to a WiFi-capable smart controller, you can purchase the WAND module for your X2 controller. Simply insert the WAND module into the right side port of the X2 controller. You will then be connected to Hunter’s WiFi Irrigation Control System, Hydrawise.

Hydrawise will automatically adjust watering based on highly accurate, local weather data. It looks at both historical and future weather data to ensure that just the right amount of water is used. In addition, you will have access to monitor your irrigation controller from your phone or computer. You will save lots of time, money, and water (up to 50%!) with this smart irrigation system.

WeatherTRAK Controllers By HydroPoint

A fantastic commercial-grade smart controller on the market today is the WeatherTRAK ET Pro3 by HydroPoint. This smart controller uses ET Weather data, which factors in temperature, wind, solar radiation, and humidity to determine the water needs of your landscape. It connects to the cloud to access this valuable weather data. It supports up to 96 stations and has a 5-year warranty.

When you choose to install a smart irrigation system, you choose to save water, time, and money. Watersavers carries a wide range of products for all your water saving irrigation needs. Stop by any of our locations to learn more.

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