What Makes Nitra King an Effective Grass Fertilizer 

November 1, 2023

Professional landscapers know that it is difficult to achieve uniform nutrient distribution in a granular blend. Nitra King 21-2-4 with 2% iron is a great grass fertilizer because it provides nutrients in a high-quality, homogeneous pellet blend, perfect for uniform applications. The next time you stop by a Watersavers location, ask us why you should consider using Nitra King for your next job. 

Grass Fertilizer Made Better with FUSN Technology

Nitra King is made with FUSN technology, a versatile formulation of a fused sulfate-nitrate molecule that provides an early and ongoing supply of nitrogen. This technology enriches green-up and provides nutrients to your turf. 

The 4.4% of nitrate gives the turf a quick green-up without triggering excessive top growth, while the 16.6% ammoniacal provides extended nutrient delivery. In addition to providing two forms of nitrogen, FUSN also includes added sulfur. Sulfur is a critical building block for plant development. The combination of these two nutrients improves turf color and strength.

Additional Iron in Grass Fertilizer 

Iron improves the greening power of Nitra King. Nitra King contains 2% iron that gives the turf a green-up soon after application. This iron content gives turf the nutrients it needs to hold a long-lasting deep green color for months to come. Aside from its greening benefits, the iron virtually eliminates the staining of sidewalks, driveways, and mow strips to provide a clean application around your garden. 

Added Benefits with Homogeneous Pellets 

Nitra King is also made with high-quality homogeneous pellets. These pellets provide a uniform application of nutrients for your turf.

A single pellet contains all the nutrients your grass needs. Your turf will receive enough nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium during application.

A Total Package Combination

Nitra King’s quality is derived from its ability to combine essential nutrients, added iron, and FUSN technology, all into a single pellet. This versatile grass fertilizer can be used all season long, but it’s best in the fall and spring seasons. Each bag provides enough nitrogen to cover 10,500 sq/ft. Nitra King is a wonderful grass fertilizer for homes, parks, schools, golf courses, and other public green spaces.

To learn more about fertilizer, check out our Fertilizer product page or other blog posts on this topic. Feel free to reach out to one of our stores for questions, too.

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