Big Summer Savings on NDS Drainage Products

As many landscaping jobs are starting back up again, it is important to protect your landscape from soil erosion and flooding with drainage. Having a reliable drainage system will ensure that your client’s walkways, lawns, decks, and garden areas are safe and clear of excess water. This month, we are offering a great deal on some of our most popular NDS drainage products – catch basins and grates!

NDS offers a wide range of stormwater management solutions for commercial and residential applications. Their products are high-quality, durable, and easy to install.

NDS Drainage Products: Catch Basins and Grates

NDS catch basins and grates collect debris and prevent clogging of your drainage system. These are essential for a great system. The 3” and 4” black atrium drain grates in addition to the 6″ catch basins (single or double outlet) are on sale all month long.

Pop-Up Drainage Emitters

Pop-up emitters divert water captured by your drainage system away from structural foundations to safer areas. The emitter opens through water pressure and closes as the water flow diminishes. Since it’s closed during dry weather, dirt and debris are prevented from entering the drain pipes. Read more about this effective NDS drainage product on their site!

Drainage Fittings

Fittings are used to change the direction of water flow between pipes. They come in different shapes and sizes such as the 45 degree elbow, 90 degree elbow, and tee. The three and four inch PVC fittings are some of our most popular ones.

Watersavers Irrigation offers a wide variety of NDS drainage products in addition to many other irrigation and landscape supplies. We have branch locations across the SF Bay Area and are open Monday through Saturday. Come visit us or give us a call anytime. We are always happy to answer any drainage or landscaping question you may have for us.